Why Win7Coin has value

First, Win7Coin has value for the same reason that paper and digital money have it – it’s a form of money commonly accepted by people. It is used to transfer value and to buy or sell things. However, unlike US dollars, whose value and legal status are applied by the government, Win7Coin’s value derives from its code, infrastructure, scarcity, adoption and exchangeability (transactions).
Although not tangible, the Win7Coin code provides the characteristics of the traditional fiat currency, including scarcity, divisibility, portability, fungibility and recognizability. In addition, Win7Coin will be decentralized (at the end of the private distribution phase) and can be used without intermediaries, provides a certain level of transparency, is accessible and used by anyone with an Internet connection, is impossible to counterfeit and confiscate, and has other features like programmability. Above all, it can be used as a store of value such as gold or other commodities, but unlike its physical counterparts, it can be transported from one end of the world to the other through communication channels in seconds.

Valuable Properties of Win7Coin

– Shortage of Win7Coin.

Unlike traditional legal currencies that can be inflated without end, Win7Coin introduces digital scarcity. There will only be 10 billion W7C. Unlike fiat currencies that suffer annual inflation and lose some of their value, Win7Coin does not suffer inflation.

– Portability.

Win7Coins can be transferred through a communication channel such as the Internet, satellites or even radio waves, making it the most portable currency ever created.

– Fungibility.

Each Win7Coin has the same value as its counterpart, regardless of who owns it and its history. Just like an ounce of pure gold is always the same as another ounce of pure gold. Whatever happens, a Win7Coin remains a symbol of value interchangeable with another Win7Coin.

– Duration.

Any Win7Coin can be reused countless times without degrading it.

– Recognizable.

An increasing number of merchants and users recognize and accept Win7Coin. Although it is still far from the level of acceptance of legal currencies, many people distinguish Win7Coin from other currencies or other counterfeit money and are willing to accept it as a means of payment.

– Decentralization.

No single entity will control Win7Coin. Unlike traditional money, nobody can censor, control or change the network or its transactions, so that nobody can confiscate your money.

– Accessibility.

A verified bank account is not required to own or accept Win7Coin. All you need is basic computer knowledge and an internet connection. The accessibility of Win7Coin makes it extremely convenient for areas of the world with an underdeveloped banking system.

– Unreliability.

Each Win7Coin transaction will be recorded on a distributed ledger and is protected by the work of calculating the nodes. The system was designed to prevent the double expense problem that prevented the take-off of previous digital currencies. Consequently, all transactions on the Win7Coin network are non-counterfeit and irrevocable.

– Programmability.

Unlike normal money, Win7Coin also introduces a programmability dimension. It means that in the future Win7Coin can receive updates and have even more useful features such as smart contracts, multisig transactions and more.

– Stability and value growth.

The main feature of Win7Coin is the increase in its value determined by exchanges (transactions). Transaction costs are very close to 0, but this cost causes Win7Coin to increase.

The most important reason for Win7Coin’s current value is that people want to use it to pay for goods and services, keep their money or just speculate.

As the network of Win7Coin users and merchants grows, the more secure and advanced the system, the greater the value of Win7Coin.

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