If you are here, it is because you need an essential cultural enrichment that gives birth to the concept of freedom based on respect for yourself and others; these are not antithetical faces, but mirror of a value that is essential for a healthy and harmonious growth of the human consortium.

Culture as a matrix of freedom and freedom as a guarantee of culture to combat the phenomenon of the flattening of the founding values ​​of today’s society, an easy prey for crafty manipulators of information served by logics of socio-political-economic power from which ethics is strictly banned.

This is the reason why our Foundation, which works for the good and progress of humanity, concretely contributes to the defense and diffusion of culture by forming many real men, champions of the freedom of all, who can successfully face the incredible challenges of Third Millennium.

We therefore conceived the design of thousands of CEN Cultural Cenacles, characterized by continuous additions to the humanistic, scientific and economic preparation, enriched by an irreplaceable ethical substrate.

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