In this first phase of free distribution of Win7Coin all users can access the distribution by registering for free on the site through an exclusive invitation from users belonging to the community.
Users can freely make a free donation starting from a minimum amount of 10 € to the Liberty Seven Foundation which supports the development of the project and receive Win7Coin Free in exchange through the Done Now section.

By inviting a friend to sign up for free on the site, you receive 10 Win7Coin Free and give your friend the activation of his Wallet with 10 Win7Coin Free. In the Registration Form the new user must enter the Sponsor Name that you provided.

Every time your friend makes a donation to LIBERTY SEVEN FOUNDATION you receive 10% in Win7Coin.

By clicking on My Wallet you will be able to access the personal Wallet where the current value of 1 Win7Coin is displayed.

Inside the Total Wallet you can view the total of the Win7Coins accumulated so far.
Inside the Wallet you will find the Transaction Wallet which gives the possibility to donate to other Win7Coin users. The value of each Win7Coin that you want to donate to another user must never exceed the official published value.                                    In order to make this donation transfer, you must first transfer a certain number of Win7Coins from your Total Wallet to the Transaction Wallet through the Done Now – Done Transaction section and choose how many Win7Coins you want to transfer (Done Transaction 300-Done Transaction 1000), make the corresponding donation and wait for data processing;

The Win7Coins will be displayed inside the Transaction Wallet, from that moment you can make the donation to other users. Click on Wallet Management and Win7Coin Transfer and enter the friend’s username and the amount you want to donate to the friend and confirm. Your Win7Coins will be transferred in seconds to your friend’s Wallet.



You can make a donation in cryptocurrency and send the transaction code using the Contact Form.

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