It is the only blockchain in the world which certifies the sales transactions through a personal intermediation between the two parties.


MANTA BLOCK the guarantee of making secure purchases without surprises.

MANTA BLOCK certifies your purchase and guarantees your shopping. In Manta-Block, registration is free for b2b and b2c activities (sale of products or services).
All company activities are recorder in Manta Block. Each company signs a smart contract that will be entered and confirmed in Blockchain with public visibility, made executive by all users connected, at that time to the network, based on the agreed parameters. All activities are geolocated, to be found faster and can be advertised via Manta-Block. Customers are registered in Manta-Block and have active portfolios in Win7coins. Each customer can freely decide to purchase a product or service from a Manta-Block certified company. Once the purchase has been confirmed, the cost will be sent to the seller; will receive only when the product or service has been delivered; this will be confirmed by a delivery company, also certified on blockchain.
Once the delivery of the product or service is confirmed, the intelligent contract will self-execute. If the intelligent contract cannot be self-executed, the penalties will follow against the transgressive company and the payment money will return to the customer.

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We provide technological solutions!

In Manta Block benefits both the sellerand the customer safe and fast transactions.

Business sellers

Being in Manta Block allow you receive secure transactions of any amount without problem outside the banking system and with management costs and maintenance of accounts close to zero. Furthemore, for you, the advertising continues to increase, more and more your customers in Manta Block all have active wallets.


Every client in Manta Block is always guaranteed to purchase products or services from companies that are highly selected and visible on blockchain. Every time you buy a product, the amount of your purchase will be blocked in Manta Block until the product or service is delivered. Otherwise, the purchase amount will return to your wallet.


Manta Block guarantees and checks the satisfaction of every single customer; whether it is a commercial activity in the sale of products, whether it is a commercial activity in the sale of services or any buyer of the network.

Payment Win7coin

Win7coin, the latest generation of cryptocurrency, allows you to get transactions with a very high level of security in just a few seconds. Win7coin is the only cryptocurrency in the world that grows thanks to all transactions in Manta Block.

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Distribution W7C

For each donation made by users, Liberty Seven Foundation distributes W7C Tokens for free.
The distribution takes place in 2 phases.

Private distribution of 30 Million W7C.
With W7C value updated every 1/10/20 of the month depending on the transactions.

Official distribution in 3 steps
1st step – 3 Million W7C at €uro 1 value.
2nd step – 2 Million W7C at €uro 2 value.
3rd step – 1 Million at €uro 3 value.

At the end of the distribution, the W7C can be exchanged on the dedicated exchange starting from the value of €uro 5.

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Counters Offers




A timeline
with great
features to come.

Join us while
we are still growing!

As an open-source community and volunteer-based project, our roadmap is intended as a general guideline for how we are developing Win7coin in one of the best cryptocurrency options out there.
In the spirit of transparency and in good faith in Community relations, we want this timeline to be made public. However, keep in mind that this timeline is subject to change based on priorities, unplanned developments, and new ideas.

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In general, Win7coin Tokens will be released. The hard limit of the token for sale is 55%. 45% of the remaining issued tokens will be divided by Marketing (17%), Team development (8%), Reserve Foundation (10%), Partners (2%), Private Investors (3%), Founders (5%)

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